Matura - Vocal, Guitar, Harmonium

He sings a wide variety of upbeat kirtans, original songs, world grooves and Sanskrit chants that heal, inspire and delight the soul. As an Ayurvedic Counselor certified by The American Institute of Vedic Studies, Matura assists others to find clarity and growth through the insight born of self-awareness, Ayurveda and Vedic Devotional Yoga. Matura has dedicated his life to helping others heal body, mind and spirit in order to assist in the achievement of greater levels of satisfaction and success in all areas of life. He is the author of four books available on Amazon. Songs from his three cd's Dharma Wheels, Artistic-2-Mystic and Kirtan Gypsy Soul can be found online at amazon, itunes, Spotify, CD baby and other outlets.

Deva Priyo - Guitar

Multi-talented guitarist Deva Priyo creates a sound that is quite different, in that, it is not pure flamenco or nuevo flamenco. It has elements of both, combined with electronic variances in what he describes as "Afro-Mediterranean Gypsy trance music." The blending of all these elements with the Bhakti Shakti Chants and original compositions of Matura results in a fresh new organic sound that is both sacred and excitingly contemporary.

As a founding member of the seminal world music band Lost at Last, Deva Priyo has been entertaining others with his

amazing guitar skills for many decades. He is also the leader of the exciting dance band Gypsy Moon and plays regularly delighting audiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Daniel Paul - Tabla

Daniel is an India Fulbright Award winning tabla drummer and graduate of the Ali Akbar College of Music who for more than two decades has been on the front lines of the international kirtan chanting movement as a singing tabla drummer to many of today’s top kirtan singers. From his long association accompanying Grammy nominee Jai Uttal and the exotic global vocalist Gina Salá, Daniel has also toured South America backing the soft prayers of Snatam Kaur and throughout North America contributing to the rocking chants of Dave Stringer and the Guru Ganesha Band.


Daniel has also maintained a varied eclectic career from music director for the Off-Broadway play "Ghashiram Kotwal" to decades of informal kirtan in the jungles and beaches of Maui. From Carnegie Hall to the Waikiki Bandshell, in a cave under old Jerusalem, to the temples and all night music festivals of India. Whether through kirtan, classical sitar and sarod, Kathak dance and bansuri flute recitals or his "Drumming For Everyone" workshops, Daniel continues to introduce new audiences to the magic of the tabla drums around the world.

Benjamin Crandall - Sax

Benjamin is a composer and saxophonist. He began playing sax at age 10 and has a degree in Jazz Saxophone from University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. His musical collaborations include JohnStone reggae band and the hip-hop jazz fusion Motel Project from his time in Washington, DC. Since moving to Eugene in 2008, he has been a regular member of Stone Cold Jazz and founded the jazz hip-hop project, The Eternal Now. He also performs occasionally in the local ecstatic dance and and contact improv scene.

Ken Sokolov - Tabla & Percussion

Ken has accompanied and toured with musicians like country superstar Ferlin Husky, folk legend Donovan, and African music icon Thomas Mapfumo.

He studied and performed west African drumming for over 20 years as well as North Indian tabla and Balkan rhythms.

You can hear him in other groups like the Klezmonauts, Kef, Beatcrunchers, and Chibuku.

Kavita Kat Macmillan - Vocal, Harmonium

Kavita kat macmillan is an artist and teacher inspired by the cathartic path of transformation that opens when we step into our practice. In yoga, sound, and dance kavita engages her students and her audience to encounter a personal opening into the present moment, following the flow of breath and/or vibration of sound in order to shift into a deeper state of awareness..


As a teacher kavita enjoys inviting students to open their connection to voice and movement, facilitating authentic expression, growth and change. she offers private and group workshops and classes in the following areas of focus.

harmonium & chanting: ‘opening to bhakti’, embodied voice for yoga teachers, harmonium & chanting for yoga teachers, asana & mantra, authentic dance & vocal expression


Kavita offers gratitude to her music teachers: Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Sri Karunamayee, Michael Harrison, Rik Masterson and Warren Senders. As well as the kirtan wallahs that introduced her to bhakti yoga, Krishna Das, Shyam Das & Bhagavan Das.

Vince - Bansuri

Growing up in a musical family Vincent McClellan has been playing and singing since he was three years old.

He had the blessing of having exceptional teachers both in music college, and with his gurus Sunil Kant Gupta in India and Steve Gorn in America his bansuri flute playing has reached an exceptional level. He brings passion,subtlety, and technical skill to all the music that he plays.

Jesse Whitworth- Bouzouki

Jesse has led song circles to awaken the ancient sacred songs within since 1996, inspiring others to feel comfortable experiencing the magic of song. His songs and musical style embodies and reflects Nature and the Magic of the Earth and Love for Her children. Jesse sings and plays bouzouki, guitar, flutes, mandolin, hammer dulcimer, and many percussion instruments. Jesse has studied classical Hindustani music with Pandit Shivnath Mishra and Marco Zonka.  He is inspired and influenced by the Eastern sounds of Gypsy, Indian, Persian, Sufi, and Nomadic music as well as traditional Americana, and the Celtic and Native American sounds of his homeland and bloodline.With a sensitive ear, Jesse is skilled at carefully melding with the creations of masterful musicians and songwriters creating a potent alchemy greater than the sum of its parts. Jesse has performed live with Donovan, members of Faun, Omnia, Adam Hurst, Woodland, Mythmaker, Shanti Shivani, Johanna Beekman, Matura, and many others. Jesse practices sound therapy using vocal overtones, strings, drums, percusion, wooden flutes, and other instruments. Currently Jesse is working on a project to document the songs and the life work of his father Ernie Whitworth.

Brooks Blanchard - Flute

Brooks has been playing flute and percussion for many decades and is a highly regarded sound engineer. He has played in many distinctive groups and with many qualified and talented musicians such as Jaya Lakshmi, Gypsy Moon, Lost at Last, Fantuzzi, Daniel Paul and others.


Glenn Falkenberg - Bass

Glenn has been playing Renaissance and sacred music for many decades and is a highly regarded musician, producer and recording engineer at the Om Farm in Veneta Oregon.

He has played in many distinctive groups and with many qualified and talented musicians such as Jaya Lakshmi, Gypsy Moon, Fantuzzi, Fearless Love, Daniel Paul and others.

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